What is ATE?

Academic Teaching Excellence (ATE) is a face-to-face training course that has been developed to help academic staff who do their teaching through the medium of English. It has been specifically designed to improve the overall quality of academic teaching by updating lecturers’ language skills and offering useful techniques for day-to-day teaching.

Simply put: a must-do course for those who deal with international and diverse students on a daily basis. 

The 35-hour course is designed for groups of 10-14 lecturers from all academic disciplines who are either beginning to or are already actively teaching with English as the medium of instruction. The minimum language requirement for participants is B2 (Common European Framework of Reference).

ATE has been developed in close cooperation with the University of Oxford's Department of Education, drawing on the latest research in the field of English as medium of instruction. 

Why take ATE?

ATE offers lecturers of all disciplines hands-on linguistic tools and teaching strategies in order to communicate their materials more effectively. It covers a variety of teaching contexts such as large lectures, interactive seminars, and one-to-one supervision situations. ATE is an intensive seminar that updates language skills and offers an innovative approach for day-to-day teaching practice.

By taking the course, you will:

  • develop a good understanding of the communication principles that underline academic teaching with English as the medium of instruction
  • improve the quality of your communication with your students, through more confident and effective teaching in English
  • benefit from the latest research into English as a medium of instruction
  • through intensive micro-teaching sessions, acquire advanced communication skills in English through analysing and reviewing current teaching practices 
  • help your higher education institution attract the most talented students and staff.

Course content

ATE has been designed to help improve the quality of lecturer-student communication in class by giving teachers the tools to deliver more confident and effective teaching in English. Participants will be introduced to the principles of teaching with English as medium of instruction (EMI). They will analyse and review their current teaching practices and, through intensive micro-teaching sessions, acquire advanced language skills.

The course will address the whole spectrum of teaching situations, and each participant will get individual feedback and personalised suggestions on how to improve their performance. ATE uses the academic subjects of the participants as a core resource to illustrate EMI teaching strategies. Modules include:

  • addressing a mixed language-level student body
  • discourse markers
  • asking the right questions & reducing tutor talk time
  • encouraging student participation
  • using visual aids to enhance linguistic comprehension
  • effective feedback.

Course delivery

On-demand COURSES for institutions

We work directly with Higher Education institutions to agree the course location and dates to best suit their teaching schedules. 

  • Course location - for your convenience, we can bring the ATE course to your institution, for your lecturers only. Without additional costs for staff travel and accommodation we deliver the course in teaching environment your staff is used to.
  • Course schedule - ATE can be delivered both as a week-long seminar (35 hours) or in blocks spread over a period that fits with the availability of your teaching staff.

Our clients

Some of the universities that have commissioned the Academic Teaching Excellence course so far include:

  • University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten (Austria)
  • University of Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avances; Ivry sur Seine (France)
  • Universität Münster (Germany)
  • Sophia University, Tokyo (Japan)
  • Pontifical University of John Paul II, Krakow; Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin; Geology Department, University of Warsaw (Poland)
  • University Politechnica of Bucharest (Romania)
  • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Universidad de Alcalá (Spain)

and many more.


“Simply put: a must-do course for those who deal with international and diverse students on a daily basis."

“It was a great course that I would recommend to all staff at the university who will or already are working with EMI students."

“I improved my skills that I can use in teaching in English”

“You improve your English language in combination with the didactics and teaching knowledge.”

“Best course on teaching I attended so far!”

“I found it really useful to learn how to teach well in an English context.


On-demand course for institutions 30.000 PLN per group of 10-14 participants

 The price includes:

  • all course materials
  • the British Council Certificate of Completion for the participants
  • course report for the Higher Education institution.

For further information, please contact us.

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