Business English Communication Skills

Invest in your future with our Business English Communication Skills course

Build your confidence and fluency in English for your work and everyday life.

This course is for students and professionals who want to be able to use English in the workplace with greater accuracy, fluency and effectiveness.

Take your career further

Our Business English Communication Skills course will help you to significantly improve your level of English and to develop language skills that ensure success in projects, career development and working relationships. 

The course focuses on real-life situations that are most relevant to everyday working life and the business agenda, whilst also giving you the language you need for today’s international business environment. The course materials allow you to expand your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary through engaging with authentic reading and listening sources from the business world.

Learn the world’s business language with the world’s English experts

On our Business English Communication Skills course, you will:

  • be taught by language experts with understanding of the business context
  • experience business-focused lessons, allowing you to practise English through situational role plays and communicative work
  • develop your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for the workplace
  • improve your level of English to feel confident working in a global context and communicating across cultures
  • meet other professionals and build a network of contacts

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • speak more clearly and naturally in the workplace
  • discuss a range of business topics with greater ease
  • express and justify opinions on work-related topics more fluently
  • participate more confidently in typical work-related activities such as meetings, negotiations, and presentations
  • better understand and engage with authentic written business texts
  • produce typical written texts such as emails more accurately so that they have greater impact

Course modules:

  1. Negotiating effectively. Lessons topics on: Selling an idea, Giving a clear message, Getting the pay rise you deserve, Making balanced arguments in a group discussion
  2. Communicating confidently. Lessons topics on: Presentations for international audiences, Discussing a difficult situation, Giving a formal presentation, Interviewing and being interviewed
  3. Presentation skills. Lessons topics on: Effective presentation practices, Capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention, Presentation skills mini-clinic to evaluate your performance

Take your business communication skills to the next level.

Course overview

Delivery: face-to-face 

Duration: two weeks, 40 tuition hours 

Times: Monday-Friday, 17.45–21.00

Levels: from Upper Intermediate (B2+) 

Price: 1980 PLN 



Course dates Times Price (PLN)
01.07.24–12.07.24   17.45–21.00 1980