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See yourself grow in confidence in our live face-to-face classes. We provide a stimulating environment where our passionate teachers encourage everyone to take part.

Learn together, learn better

In each class, your teachers will work with all learners in developing an area of English language skill. You will then work in small groups on tasks that reflect real-life experiences, such as a presentation at work, sharing opinions with friends or planning activities.

Your teacher will create a breakout space for your group and will join each group to observe and give feedback. With expert guidance from the teacher and lots of speaking practice in your groups, you’ll soon develop practical English skills that you can really use.

Flexible learning, without ever missing a class. 

Choose the lessons that interest you. Each Level has over 120 face-to-face lessons you can choose from. Each lesson is 90 minutes long. 

We have designed our English lessons to be independent, so that that they cover the various areas of English in similar but different ways. This means you can study the lessons in any order, and you can practise the language and skills you need to consolidate your learning.  

After every ten lessons the teacher will assess your English. You can access these assessments on our student portal. When you and your teachers agree that you have made sufficient progress, you can move to the next CEFR Level. 

You can also take MyClass Cambridge exam preparation lessons if you are planning to do an exam soon. 

All lessons take place in our British Council English schools and are available in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw.

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