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Get set for success with world-class English teaching for adults

myClass is an effective English course from the world’s trusted experts. Take control of your learning with flexible options you can personalise to suit your needs:

  • Engaging face-to-face classes: be inspired by experienced teachers in our dynamic classrooms.
  • Study the way you want: choose your times, choose your lesson and get one-to-one advice from our teachers.
  • Never miss a class: enjoy late booking and cancellation options. Use our myClass web portal or app to manage your schedule on the go.

Your journey, our English expertise

Discover what you will learn

Accelerate your career, get set for study or improve your social English with myClass. Whatever your ambition, we put your success at the heart of learning.

Trusted teaching, inspired learning

myClass takes you closer to your goals, using our communicative methodology to teach you the English skills you need for everyday life. Classes are led by highly qualified teachers who provide expert direction, motivating you to use the English language better.

myClass gives you the confidence to use English in the situations that matter to you.

Build skills for life, take a step towards your goals

Whatever your ambition, target your personal learning needs with a wide choice of lessons that you can study in any order, and at any time that is convenient to you.

In each lesson you will master a real-life situation in English – just choose the topics most relevant to you - for the workplace, for study or for social interactions – and practise the language skills you need to consolidate your learning.

Discover what you will learn

  • General English classes - levels A2 - C2
  • Cambridge exam preparation classes - preparation to B2 Frist (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) or C2 Proficiency (CPE).

Each myClass lesson is 90-mins long and covers English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. In each lesson you will learn new vocabulary and phrases, practise pronunciation and grammar, and improve your accuracy.

For the most effective learning experience, you will study with learners at the same level as you. Our online English lessons are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 

Pre-intermediate (A2)

Examples of what you will learn at Pre-intermediate (A2) are:

  • preparing and delivering an effective presentation
  • discussing career options
  • writing emails and letters
  • buying and selling with confidence.

Intermediate (B1)

Examples of what you will learn at Intermediate (B1) are:

  • conducting a job interview and an appraisal
  • discussing and reviewing books and films
  • organising your writing effectively
  • communicating clearly over the phone.

Upper Intermediate (B2)

Examples of what you will learn at Upper Intermediate (B2) are:

  • expressing opinions and listening to different perspectives
  • writing a formal job application
  • understanding the media
  • handling effective career development conversations.

Advanced (C1)

Examples of what you will learn at Advanced (C1) are:

  • taking an active role in meetings and negotiations
  • developing a persuasive case and presenting to others
  • discussing and debating ethical issues and social responsibility
  • writing copy for blogs, emails and web pages.

Proficiency (C2)

Examples of what you will learn at Proficiency (C2) are:

  • delivering a clearly structured and persuasive work presentation
  • pitching a new invention and discussing patents
  • being authentic when talking about hopes, fears and attitudes towards the future
  • describing and interpreting data in a written review.

Achieve your goals

It’s not about perfect, it’s about progress. We’ll be by your side every step of your journey, keeping you on track to achieve your life goals.

Stay on track with us

We know how important progress is to achieve your goals. Our expert teachers will guide you with regular assessment and feedback.

Assessment will take place once every ten lessons, while you complete the lesson activities. Keep track of your progress and personalised feedback from the teacher in the myClass website or app.

Learn to be your best self

Bring your learning to life beyond the classroom with self-reflection exercises. Each lesson, your teacher will encourage you to reflect on your learning, so you can see for yourself how far you have come on your journey.

Self-reflection helps to improve the effectiveness of your learning for an even more rewarding experience.

With you for the journey

Book a free one-to-one session at any time with an academic adviser, who can help you complete an individual learning plan. You can schedule follow up sessions during the course, so you can refine your plan along the way, guided by your feedback, progress and needs.

Join our community

Find your voice with myClass – an inclusive learning community where you can practise the English language with new friends and inspire each other.

Learn together, learn better

myClass will help develop more than just your English skills. Our learning space provides an immersive environment where everyone can participate and help each other grow in confidence.

You will work in small groups to complete tasks, where the teacher will observe, advise and give active feedback. Plus, with lots of speaking practise in your groups, you’ll soon develop practical English skills that you can really use.

Learn more than a language

Take your language skills to another level with myClub, a schedule of free cultural and social sessions. myClub provides a great opportunity to connect with learners and practise English beyond the classroom.

You can boost your career with focused sessions on business English, improve your language technique with vocabulary and pronunciation sessions, or just relax with friends in our social conversation sessions.

How it works

See yourself grow in confidence in our live face-to-face classes. We provide a stimulating environment where our passionate teachers encourage everyone to take part.

Learn together, learn better

In each class, your teachers will work with all learners in developing an area of English language skill. You will then work in small groups on tasks that reflect real-life experiences, such as a presentation at work, sharing opinions with friends or planning activities.

Your teacher will create a breakout space for your group and will join each group to observe and give feedback. With expert guidance from the teacher and lots of speaking practice in your groups, you’ll soon develop practical English skills that you can really use.

Flexible learning, without ever missing a class. 

Choose the lessons that interest you. Each Level has over 120 face-to-face lessons you can choose from. Each lesson is 90 minutes long. 

We have designed our English lessons to be independent, so that that they cover the various areas of English in similar but different ways. This means you can study the lessons in any order, and you can practise the language and skills you need to consolidate your learning.  

After every ten lessons the teacher will assess your English. You can access these assessments on our student portal. When you and your teachers agree that you have made sufficient progress, you can move to the next CEFR Level. 

You can also take myClass Cambridge exam preparation lessons if you are planning to do an exam soon. 

All lessons take place in our British Council English schools and are available in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw.

Timetable and prices

Flexible timetable

myClass makes learning English easy. With a flexible timetable, you can schedule your studies when it suits you:

  • Create your own personal timetable: morning, afternoon and evening lessons available, seven days a week. Set the pace of study to suit your schedule and start at any time.
  • Book on the day: schedule a lesson any time before it starts.
  • Never miss a class: cancel a lesson with up to 24-hrs notice and keep your credit.


myClass offers credit packages to suit your lifestyle and budget. You can buy a 20, 40 or 60-credit package, but remember – the more you buy, the better the savings. 

Each 90-minute lesson uses up one credit.

myClass courses start date: with myClass you can start when you want. Join us any time!


Credits Validity Price
20 3 months 1950 PLN (65 PLN / 1 hr)
40 6 months 3600 PLN (60 PLN / 1 hr)
60 9 months 4950 PLN (55 PLN / 1 hr)


Credits Validity Price
20 3 months 1500 PLN (50 PLN / 1 hr)
40 6 months 2700 PLN (45 PLN / 1 hr)
60 9 months 3600 PLN (40 PLN / 1 hr)


Credits Validity Price
20 3 months 1500 PLN (50 PLN / 1 hr)
40 6 months 2700 PLN (45 PLN / 1 hr)
60 9 months 3600 PLN (40 PLN / 1 hr)

Our promise to you

  • in case we need to close the teaching centre in line with government guidelines, we guarantee that your classes will continue online
  • online classes will include the same number of hours as face-to-face classes.