Connecting Cultures - multi-cultural, multi lingual classroom experience

Develop life skills for a global world 

One of our most exciting additions to the Secondary courses is the Connecting Cultures programme. Our students will have the opportunity to meet with peers in other countries around the globe to share experiences and work together on projects. A real international connection!

Your child will:

  • connect with British Council students from another country
  • share their experiences and knowledge
  • work on a project, learning about each other's culture
  • practise real-life speaking and writing to make international connections.

Connecting Cultures is in its early stages and we are very excited that British Council Poland has been included in this very first rollout of the programme for the new Academic year. As with anything new there will be challenges ahead, but we have positive feedback from the 500 Secondary students who have taken part in the first connections since last summer. The next step will be to open up the possibilities for our primary children.