8-grade Exam preparation course

The best chance of getting the English grade you need

Our specially designed online course will help you prepare for the eighth class exam. The course will look in detail at the different parts of the exam and help you develop the necessary techniques to get the best possible result. Our expert teachers will be able to show you how to learn effectively and efficiently to raise your level of English.

The course is delivered online.

Course overview 

Price: 1870 PLN

Duration: 11 weeks

Age: 14 years

During the course you will:

  • learn exam skills and strategies needed for the 8-grade Exam.
  • develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through individual and group-work activities.
  • enhance your accuracy in grammar and expand your range of vocabulary. 

Your study options

Course dates Days and times Price (PLN)
09.03.21–20.05.21 Tuesday/Thursday 17.30–19.00 1870