1. What should my child bring to their class? 
    The teacher will provide the course materials and a learning notebook. Your child should bring their pencil case with pens, pencils, glue, a ruler, crayons and scissors. Please provide your child with a pair of shoes for change if they attend classes at an off-site location. All students will be required to bring a mask to wear in the centre as per our guidelines.
  2. What about food and drink?
    Please consider that our vending machines will not be working. 
  3. What happens if my child misses lessons? 
    We ask that you provide confirmation of your child’s absence either by phone or email. We also ask you to confirm your child can leave classes early by providing a note. If there are any unexplained absences, we will contact you.
  4. What happens if my child has flu like symptoms or has contacted someone with flu like symptoms or Covid-19? 
    In this case we would ask you not to send your child to the school. You can contact your child’s teacher for work that will be missed during quarantine.
  5. How many children are in each class? 
    As per our COVID guidelines all class sizes vary depending on the size of the classroom.
  6. What about open classes for primary parents? 
    We will hold open classes for primary parents if and when government guidelines allow for increased classroom capacity.
  7. What do I do if there are any problems? 
    In the first instance, we recommend speaking to, or emailing, your child’s teacher.  Their email address is: firstname.lastname@britishcouncil.pl If the teacher is unable to assist you, please speak to a member of our Customer Service Team: info@britishcouncil.pl, who will direct your query to the correct manager.
  8. How can I provide feedback? 
    You can speak to or email your child’s teacher or email our Customer Service Team info@britishcouncil.pl.

We hope that your child enjoys their course.