Free online course: English in Early Childhood
Course for parents and teachers of English. 
Monday 20 March 2017 to Monday 01 May 2017

Future Learn platform and the British Council introduce Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development, a free online course starting on 20 March 2017.

About the course

This free online course for parents and practitioners will explore how young children learn English and investigate many more aspects of early childhood learning and development. Drawing on our experience of creating Learning Time with Shaun & Timmy learning centres, the course explores how very young children learnEnglish through play, and investigates many more aspects of early childhood learning and development. In this course you will:

  • discover how very young children learn English as an additional language and how you can help them progress
  • learn how to create the best environment for young children to learn English

The principles of learning an additional language during early childhood apply to all languages, so if you are a parent, teacher or practitioner interested in teaching languages other than English, you will find plenty of relevant methods in the course.

The course duration is 6 weeks, with about 2 hours of study required per week. 


This course will be of interest to you if you are: a parent of young children who wishes to support their child learning an additional language; an English teacher or an early childhood practitioner; or someone who is interested in the area of child development and language acquisition.

The course is suitable for those who have learnt English to around intermediate level (approximately B1 on the CEFR).

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