Friday 17 March 2023 to Sunday 14 May 2023

Santander Scholarship | English and IELTS with the British Council is an educational programme for people interested in learning English. It’s organised by Santander Universidades and the British Council.


Do you want to boost your English and take IELTS? Apply to the programme by Becas Santander platform up to 14.05.2023.


The programme consists of three stages:

  • Stage I - EO Self-Study + 4 webinars Live25 (monthly) – 10 000 people will receive access to the interactive British Council’s e-learning platform English Online Self-Study
  • Stage II - EO Self-Study + 10 lessons in international groups + 4 webinars Live25 (monthly) – 250 people will receive 10 online English lessons with British Council teachers on the English Online Self-Study platform
  • Stage III – IELTS – 125 participants will receive access to 'Road to IELTS' study materials, preparing them to take the IELTS exam and 100% funding of the IELTS exam fee.


Persons 18 years old and older, residing in Poland may apply for the programme.


Programme duration: June 2023-January 2024

Number of places: 10000