MOOC: understanding language
Monday 08 January 2018 to Monday 29 January 2018
online, FutureLearn platform

University of Southampton and the British Council introduce Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching, a free online course starting on 24 April.

About the course

What is language? How do we learn meaning in a new language? What is easy and hard about learning another language? And what is the best way to teach other languages?

Learn about the latest ideas, research and practice in language learning and teaching with the new free online course Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching. The course has been developed by the University of Southampton and the British Council and reflects their new joint online MA in English Language Teaching

Understanding Language:Learning and Teaching is yet another in the series of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offered by the British Council in cooperation with FutureLearn.


This course is for anyone interested in the development of languages and language learning and teaching. 

This course will also give you the opportunity to buy a Statement of Participation.

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