Originally created by the UK’s Cheltenham Science Festival, FameLab is an exciting science communication competition designed to find the new faces of science – people who can inspire and excite public imagination with a vision of science in the 21st century. 
The idea behind FameLab is to take science out of the classroom and make it fun, and to encourage young people with a passion for science and technology to share their enthusiasm with the general public.

To date, over 700 scientists and engineers have taken part in the UK competition. Globally more than 4,500 competitors have taken part in FameLab International.

The competition is open to anyone age 23 or older working in or studying science, technology, engineering, medicine or maths.

Contestants have just three minutes to impress the judges by giving an entertaining and original talk that is both scientifically accurate and also engaging to a non-scientific audience.

Poland has been an active member of the competition since 2012. Please visit FameLab Polish edition website for more details.


3 December 2018 – registration opens

28 January 2019 (till 12:00 pm) – deadline for applications

2 March 2019 –  FameLab semifinals (Copernicus Science Centre)

29 – 30 March 2019 – MasterClass

18 May 2019 – National Finals

4 – 9 June 2019 – International Finals, Cheltenham, UK