Our IELTS Study Pack gives you free access to our past webinar recordings and a comprehensive IELTS Study Plan for each of the four sections of IELTS.

The Study Plan has a detailed section on each IELTS skill guiding you on how to prepare for the test and offering you a thorough list of free material that will aid you in practice and preparation.

Our past webinar recordings cover a wide range of topics across all four IELTS skills and guide you on how to effectively use the IELTS Study Plan.

Webinar recordings topics:

  • Study Plan - Academic Writing
  • Writing Task 2
  • Study Plan - Academic Reading
  • Academic Reading: overview and strategies and difficult question types
  • Study Plan - Speaking
  • Speaking: overview and strategies
  • Study Plan – Listening 
  • Listening: overview and strategies

Please note: If you signed up for our webinars previously, you don’t need to sign up for the IELTS Study Pack. You’ll receive an email with the IELTS Study Pack automatically.