Studenci na uniwersytecie
Studenci na uniwersytecie

The global context for higher education is changing fast and internationalisation is now an integral part of higher education strategies.

As part of our Internationalising Higher Education programme:

  • organise Academic Teaching Excellence courses for academic staff who do their teaching through the medium of English, to improve the overall quality of academic teaching by updating lecturers’ language skills and offering useful techniques for day-to-day teaching.
  • create collaborative partnerships
  • promote policy debates
  • provide authoritative, independent analysis and advice on international higher education trends and opportunities
  • partner with local institutions to promote and support internationalisation of higher education, e.g. in 2013 we partnered with Warsaw University, Perspektywy Foundation, Conference of Polish Rectors and the Foundation for the Development of Education System to organise the “International Students in Poland 2013” conference
  • coordinate Poland’s participation in the Going Global annual conferences.

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