Applications are now open for scoping grants in preparation for a proposed UK/Poland season in 2025. In order to start developing potential activity, we are offering grants of £2,500 to start conversations and establish partnerships.  

What are the grants for? 

The grants are primarily* for travel-related costs (flights, train, accommodation). To support travel related costs for representatives of UK and Polish organisations in the arts and creative industries to undertake scoping visits to each other’s country. We are keen to support the creation of new work, new collaborations, and innovative activity.  All applicants should have a clear project in mind which would then be collaboratively developed through this exchange. The project must be for ultimate presentation in Poland, or in Poland and UK, but not UK only.

In late 2023 and 2024 we are hoping to offer additional funding to support the strongest collaborations, those which best meet the aims of the Season as described below.  Projects should be delivered by at least one UK-based organization and at least one organisation based in Poland. Only one of the two organizations can apply for the grant. We will not fund legacy activity or recurrent costs on existing projects. There are a total of 25 grants available this year. The travel should take place between February and May 2023.  

* In certain circumstances, we might consider a non-travel application if there is strong evidence that the grant would be put to good use in developing the project idea without physically visiting the country.  

Who can apply? 

The grants are open to arts and cultural organisations, large or small, in both UK and Poland. If the proposed project is clearly shared between two organizations then only one of the organizations can apply for the grant. The grants are not open to individual artists, although a curator may be considered if the project is strong enough.  

What is the deadline? 

Applications should be submitted using the form on this page to be received by 4 January 2023

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Who can apply?

An ‘organization’ is defined as a legally registered entity with a registered bank account, and can include collectives, consortia, and community, charity, private and public organisations. Proposals by unregistered entities such as artist collectives or non-formal education professional networks might be considered if accompanied with evidence of a strong track record in developing and delivering projects and programmes of similar scale and nature.  

What is the UK/Poland Season 2025?

We are in the early stages of planning a season between the UK and Poland for the second half of 2025. Poland is important to the UK, and vice versa, based on close historical ties, Poland’s geopolitical location at the crossroads of western and eastern Europe, and the fact that around 1 million Poles live in the UK. A cultural season will bring the two countries even closer together. It will involve events in Poland, organized by the British Council, and we are also discussing the idea of parallel activity in the UK, supported by Polish institutions.  


The working title of the Season is ‘Super-Nova’, signifying something bright, new, an explosion of creative activity. We are inviting institutions, large and small, to apply for seed funding. The season will focus on the following themes: 

  • Debate: Our season can celebrate successes and it can also tackle topics that trouble us, the ideas that threaten division among us. Trust will help us deal with pressing issues in education, trade and cultural relations to help us assure mutual prosperity. 
  • Digital innovation: Our season will have digital at its core, with every activity having it as an element. In doing this we support new practices, and/or boost accessibility.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Our season will celebrate the diversity of our artforms and creators, and the full spectrum of our countries. 
  • Diaspora: Our season will give voice and space to diaspora communities including, for example, Poles in the UK and Ukrainians in Poland. 


What types of projects will be supported?

  • Thought-provoking public engagement events that will appeal to general audiences, such as artistic performances; exhibitions, conferences, symposia; panel discussions; talks; workshops; interactive installations; and student facing culture events.  
  • Interactive activities which will attract and inspire younger audiences through innovative use of digital technologies and ICT, such as augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). 
  • Proposals must address at least one of the thematic areas: debate, digital innovation, diversity & inclusion, and diaspora. We welcome proposals from any artform and we are interested to receive joint projects which are interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or cross-disciplinary projects (i.e. combining art, science, technology, education).  Proposals that clearly address more than one thematic area will be favoured. 
  • Cross-cutting themes of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), gender and equitable access (via digital and/or education technologies) should be addressed and embedded in all proposals. 
  • Proposals can be for face-to-face or digital and/or an innovative combination of the two.  

What are the assessment criteria?

Your project proposal will be assessed across the three following areas, which are also clearly marked in the application form to help you prepare your proposal.  

  • Quality of the project and evidence of a sound or potentially sound partnership – 50% 
  • Clear connection with at least one of the Season’s themes – 25% 
  • Evidence of innovation and attracting young audiences – 25% 

What funding is available?

There are 25 grants of £2,500 each. This can cover international travel, accommodation, and research.  

We are intending to have another round of grants in coming years to support some of the developments established by this first round, leading to 2025. Successful projects in the current round are eligible to apply for funding in further rounds. However, it is very important to note that we will not be able to support all the costs of the eventual scale of the project. 

Submission process

Applications should be submitted using the form on this page to be received by 4 January 2023

Grant award and contracting

Grants will be paid in GBP for applicants based in the UK and equivalent in PLN for applicants based in Poland (using the British Council’s corporate exchange rate for the month of the contract’s signature by the British Council). We will issue a contract and will need to set you up on our financial system if you are a new vendor. All payments will be made by a bank transfer.   

The grant recipient is responsible for paying any taxes and bank fees in relation to their grant. These costs should be included in the project budget at the time of applying. Payments to be made within 30 days of the grant contract being signed by both parties. Please note that only after the grant advance payment is completed – the applicant can start making any expenditure.  


Action Date
Launch of grants opportunity 21 November 2022
Q&A session for applicants 28 November 2022, 12:00 UK time; 13:00 CET
Deadline for submission of applications 4 January 2023
Notification of results 18 January 2023
Start of contracting 23 January 202

Q&A session

On 28 November at 12:00 UK time (13:00 CET) we will hold a Q&A session to discuss the process of grant applications and answer any questions. If you want to take part in this, please email us, and we will send you an invitation and link the day before (27 November). 

Contact details

Any queries related to the grants call should be sent to email address: