We are in the early stages of planning a season between the UK and Poland for the second half of 2025. Poland is important to the UK, and vice versa, based on close historical ties, Poland’s geopolitical location at the crossroads of western and eastern Europe, and the fact that around 1 million Poles live in the UK. A cultural season will bring the two countries even closer together. It will involve events in Poland, organized by the British Council, and we are also discussing the idea of parallel activity in the UK, supported by Polish institutions. 


The working title of the Season is ‘Super-Nova’, signifying something bright, new, an explosion of creative activity. We are inviting institutions, large and small, to apply for seed funding. The season will focus on the following themes:

  • Debate: Our season can celebrate successes and it can also tackle topics that trouble us, the ideas that threaten division among us. Trust will help us deal with pressing issues in education, trade and cultural relations to help us assure mutual prosperity
  • Digital innovation: Our season will have digital at its core, with every activity having it as an element. In doing this we support new practices, and/or boost accessibility.  
  • Diversity and inclusion: Our season will celebrate the diversity of our artforms and creators, and the full spectrum of our countries.
  • Diaspora: Our season will give voice and space to diaspora communities including, for example, Poles in the UK and Ukrainians in Poland.