Tuesday 09 December 2014

35 000 PLN for scientific purposes, a self-presentation training and inclusion into a vibrant network of the world’s most promising scientists – these are the prizes to be won in the 4th Polish edition of the FameLab competition organised by the Copernicus Science Centre and the British Council. Registration is open until 31 January 2015. 

It is necessary for scientists to communicate their work in an intelligible way. Making presentations at scientific conferences, speaking to the media, convincing grant-providers, co-ordinating  the work of interdisciplinary teams, the necessity to make their case to politicians and decision makers and performing advisory roles – these are all elements of developing a scientific career. Scientists are a part of society so it is in their interests that the public understand the significance of scientific research, appreciate scientific achievements and exploit scientific advances. Scientists need the support of those who make decisions based on persuasive arguments and informed choices.


FameLab is an international competition encouraging scientists to speak out in public. The participants take the floor in front of the judges and audience, making a 3-minute speech on what they are passionate about regarding their research.  If done with clarity, quality content and charisma, they have a chance to win the top prize. But in this competition everyone is a winner: participants learn to refine their presentation skills; the audience receives first-hand exposure to science which is of highest quality and presented in a clear and concise way. As a result, the general public and scientists commence a mutual beneficial dialogue.


FameLab is not only a competition. It is also a programme aimed at supporting scientists in developing their communication skills to talk about science in a audience-friendly way. The selected finalists will take part in professional training called MasterClass, which is an intensive course on scientific communication, self-presentation and public speaking, facilitated by British and Polish trainers. FameLabbers form an integrated group of scientists who collaborate on interdisciplinary projects together. Taking part in the competition offers a chance to join this international science community of dynamic and talented researchers.

The winner will receive a cash prize of 30 000 PLN for scientific purposes and 5 000 PLN for other needs. The Audience award winner will receive a prize from the British Council (a language voucher). Other prizes will be awarded by the project partners.


The FameLab participants are scientists carrying out research in natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical, health and agricultural sciences. Some of them enjoy being in the centre of attention; for others, public speaking is a major challenge. What they have in common, though, is the belief that the ability to successfully present their scientific passions is vital for their academic career development. There is no one model for speaking about science. Any scientist can go beyond the frames of the scientific jargon normally used in their research area, and talk about it without distortions, yet still be clear and comprehensible. What is the key to success? Authenticity. Passion. Charisma. But… charisma can be discovered. 

Notes to Editor

FameLab was started in 2005 in the UK by Cheltenham Science Festival. Since 2007, thanks to a partnership with the British Council, FameLab has gone global, with competitions now held in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. 

The judging criteria are based on „three Cs”. The judges are looking for somebody who can shine in: CONTENT (the content of the presentations MUST be scientifically accurate), CLARITY (the structure of the talk is important; as well as making sure the audience and judges can follow the talk and are left with an understanding of the scientific concept chosen) and CHARISMA (the winner will be the one who makes the science easy to listen to, entertaining, exciting and  is not only able to communicate the science but also share their passion for it). 

Organisers: British Council, Copernicus Science Centre

More information: www.famelab.org.pl, www.facebook.com/FamelabPoland 

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