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For all teachers who are looking for a formal confirmation of their English skills to be able to conduct English classes, the most convenient is Aptis for Teachers:

  • developed and delivered by British Council - the world leaders in English language testing
  • designed specifically for the education sector - the test content is relevant to your experience, allowing you to show your best performance
  • quick, convenient and affordable - take all parts on the same day and receive your results after 48 hours
  • does not require special preparation - it is a proficiency test providing a snapshot of your actual level of English. 

If you are the head of an educational institution, make sure that all the teachers in your school have the necessary certification, taking advantage of the group discount we offer, and the testing experience tailored to your needs:

  • organise a session for your teachers at your institution
  • support your teachers' development and help them to fulfil the Ministry's requirements in a quick and accessible way
  • demonstrate the standards of teaching in your school with a certificate from British Council.

Aptis is an officially recognised and acknowledged by the Ministry of Education in Poland and listed as test of English required for the teachers to teach English in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. As of August 2020, it will be mandatory for all English teachers - including early years' teaching - to have certification of English knowledge.

In order to receive the qualification, we recommend Aptis for Teachers, full five-module version (modules are: grammar and vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading, listening comprehension), computer-based and certified by the British Council, as the most suitable to the teachers' needs.


According to the ministerial regulation, teachers need to prove the qualifications at appropriate level:

  • for teaching at kindergartens and primary schools' early years (grades 1-3) - at primary level Aptis for Teachers - B2 result
  • for teaching at primary schools, grades 4-8 - at advanced level Aptis for Teachers - C result


  • Grammar and Vocabulary - 25 minutes
  • Speaking - 12 minutes
  • Writing - 50 minutes
  • Listening - 50 minutes
  • Reading - 30 minutes


Aptis for Teachers - 490 PLN


Complete information and preparation materials can be found here.


You can register for the Aptis test in an open session, organised by the British Council in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław and Lublin.

Check available dates and register.

For group registration - register directly for the  sessions available or contact us directly:


The Aptis test score is presented in a report that shows the number of points earned for each part in the range 0-50, the CEFR level of each skill and an overall CEFR level. Sample results report can be found here.

For an Aptis score to be recognised by the Ministry of Education in Poland, additional certification is required from the British Council. Along with a results report, each candidate receives a personal certificate with a hologram. Examples of certificates can be found below.


Aptis results are available after 48 hours by e-email and within 7-10 days after the test date to be collected by test-takers either from the British Council Warsaw office or sent to them by post (candidates decide on the option during the registration process). In the case of group registration, school representatives can collect their members’ certificates from our office.


  • Certificate example - Aptis General (Adobe PDF 110KB)
  • Certificate example - Aptis Advanced (Adobe PDF 111KB)
  • Certificate example - Aptis for Teachers (Adobe PDF 111KB)
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