Summer courses kids

All summer courses are planned face-to-face | You can drop your children off early | Plus new outdoor activities!


A natural and enjoyable way for your child to learn

Our intensive summer programme gives your child the opportunity to improve their skills in English by having fun. Our courses focus on English communication skills development (speaking, pronunciation and listening). 

Learning adventure to build your child’s confidence

We will spark students' imagination, so they can express themselves with a confidence that goes beyond their language skills. Your child will work on an exciting range of practical and challenging tasks that encourage creative thinking and collaboration with other students.

English summer school. Convenient and safe.

Eight weeks to choose from

This summer we offer a range of courses over the summer months. You can register your child for one or two weeks whichever suits your plans and budget. 

Delivered face-to-face 

We are very excited about returning to live lessons in our Teaching Centres. Primary students have been looking forward to spending time with other children and parents will be happy with less screen time.

Health and safety in place

We will follow all Health and safety regulations as suggested by the government to keep everyone safe.

Should there be any risk to the health of our students or new regulations in place, we are prepared to switch to online.

Early drop-off and late pick-up options

 You can drop off your children at 8:30 and pick them up by 2:00 p.m. We will happily take care of them, making sure they are safe and entertained.

Course overview

Price: Krakow 990 PLN, Warsaw 1150 (1 week) / 2100 (2 weeks) 

Duration: 1 or 2 weeks, Monday–Friday, 09.30–14.00

Age: 7–11 years

Levels: Beginner to Upper Intermediate (A1–B2) 

Your child’s study options

Our Summer English Immersion courses are 20 hours per week. Your child can register for either one or two weeks.

Explore options and timetables in your city.


Reasons your child will love learning English with us

Happy learners make confident speakers! There are many reasons your child will love our live classes:

  • lots of time to practise speaking English, having fun learning with classmates of the same age
  • classes aren’t too long, so your child maintains their attention throughout.

What skills will my child develop

Your child will develop leadership, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a relaxed environment where they can be themselves. They will:

  • work in teams or pairs to practise speaking, problem-solving and collaborating on projects with a focus on real-world topics like the natural world and the environment
  • build resilience and get used to communicating and collaborating online with others in preparation for life in a global, digital world.

What a one-week course looks like

Your child will study English five days a week – Monday to Friday.

Each one-week module includes a total of:

  • 20 hours of live face-to-face classes
  • outdoor activities to take a breath of fresh air and excercise while still learning English (if the weather allows)
  • additional access to our interactive self-learning platform if you want to practise even more.

This means that each day your child will have:

  • 4 hours of English input with two 15 minute breaks