Polsko-Angielska Szkoła Podstawowa Edison ul. Królewicza Jakuba  69 02-956 Warszawa (Wilanów)
Telephone number
+48 22 695 59 00
Telephone number
+48 22 621 99 55
Telephone number


We offer Early Years, Lower Primary and Upper Primary courses in this partner school location throughout the school year. This has been a British Council partner school for several years.  Please note the building is not open to the public and is only open to students in our classes. 

English courses we offer at this centre


Course timetable SPRING 2018

Course name Course dates Price (PLN)
Early Years (5 years) 17.02.18 2,300 
Lower Primary (6–8 years) 17.02.18 2,300 
Upper Primary (9–11 years) 17.02.18 2,550 

Contact and location

Registration and free consultation for courses at this school is held in our main British Council Warsaw location at 54, Koszykowa Street. 


Polsko-Angielska Szkoła Podstawowa Edison
ul. Królewicza Jakuba  69
02-956 Warszawa (Wilanów)