Our IELTS courses will help you reach the score you need

These courses provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the test. Regular practice and feedback from your teacher will ensure you are prepared for IELTS.

What is covered in the course:

  • familiarisation with the content and structure of the IELTS test
  • focus on exam techniques
  • exploration and practise of the skills and techniques required in each of the four papers: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading
  • language input that will allow you to make your speaking and writing more effective
  • an expert teacher to provide you with feedback and advice on how to improve your performance

Summer intensive IELTS online course

Course overview

Price: starting from 1050 PLN for 1 week

Duration: 1 to 3 weeks (IELTS Short)

Levels: From upper intermediate (B2+)


Course dates Days and time Price (PLN)
19.07-23.07.2021 (1 week) Mon-Fri, 16:00-20:15 1050 PLN
19.07-30.07.2021 (2 weeks) Mon-Fri, 9:00-13:30 2100 PLN
2.08-20.08.2021 (3 weeks) Mon-Fri, 17:30-20:45 2200 PLN

All summer IELTS courses for adults are delivered online.

Prepare for the test quickly with a short IELTS course.

Semestral course

Course overview

Price: From 1,900 PLN

Duration: 16 weeks for standard IELTS preparation

Levels: From upper intermediate (B2+)

Your study options

Develop English skills and exam technique with a standard IELTS course.

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Our promise to you

  • in case we need to close the teaching centre in line with government guidelines, we guarantee that your classes will continue online
  • online classes will include the same number of hours as face-to-face classes
  • online classes will be with the same teacher, same classmates and at the same time.