Wednesday 07 December 2022 to Friday 09 December 2022

Whilst cultural and creative industries are recovering the multiple crises of the past decade and suffering their consequences – including financial insecurity, social injustice and environmental disaster – this period has given us the opportunity to face our vulnerabilities: as humans, as institutions, as societies, as democracies, as economies, as ecologies. Caring, healing, solidarity, empathy and other positive means to overcome adversities are at the center of discussions on recovery while the role of art and culture are becoming more socially relevant. Is it the moment to demonstrate how and why culture matters? 

This year’s conference will focus on caring for and healing through cultural and creative practice: on how the cultural and creative sector, including museums and cultural institutions, may contribute to the recovery and development of our societies, our institutions, our relationships. It aspires to celebrate change and recovery, inclusive of the uncertainty and vulnerability that characterizes our lives. In this way, we hope to contribute to a human-centered, pro-environment, post-covid positive discourse, explore how the space occupied by art, culture and creativity is being formed in the near and distant future and see how this may be incorporated in policy making, strategy and programming.

Learn from the past and unlearn, through collaboration and diversification.


• 'Curare’ means caring. New ways of curating

• Self-care. For your people, for your employees

• Healing and recovery– Health and wellbeing

• Business recovery

• Collaboration and diversification

Info on the speakers:  

British Council is partner of this event.