Tuesday 12 November 2019 - 15:20 to Sunday 17 November 2019 - 15:20

This year’s edition of the festival will focus on the UK. The programme will include:


For the past 25 years, British choreographer and director Wayne McGregor has made choreography that interrogates life through the experience of the body. Now McGregor turns his attention to the body as archive, with a dance portrait illuminated by the sequencing of his own genome. In a continuous reimagining, Autobiography is constantly reinvented; the order of the dance pieces algorithmically assembled from a collection of 23 choreographic volumes which unfold uniquely at each performance.

“Wayne McGregor turns his life story into dance in a mesmerising, inimitable show based upon his own genetic code” Luke Jennings, The Guardian

16 November, Saturday, 19.00, Centrum Spotkania Kultur, Sala Operowa (80 mins)

17 November, Sunday, 19.00, Centrum Spotkania Kultur, Sala Operowa (80 mins)


AMY BELL: The Forecast

As the only dyke in the dance class, Amy finds new moves for a more radical notion of femininity. On a witty journey of transformation and becoming, she rides the blustery winds sweeping across the gendered body.

Blending dance, text and animation with a live digital soundscape, prepare for a high chance of virtuosity, introspection and humour.

Commissioned by The Place, supported by Arts Council England, Tanzhaus Zürich and Yorkshire Dance. Part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019.

15 November, Friday, 20.30, Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, Sala Widowiskowa (60 mins)



Pilgrim is a physical journey through the mystical sound scores created by Electronic Musician James Holden. It is a reminder of the ancient and enduring kinship between Dance and Music and the deeply transformative qualities of both. 

The work is haunted by remnants of folk heritage and pagan sensibilities shifting between hypnotic and euphoric states. Lucy’s physical vocabulary is irreverent and eclectic; resulting in a variety of perceptual and physical shifts. Coaxed along by Holden’s beguiling and epic rhythms she is constantly questioning and reminding us of why we Dance?

15 November, Friady, 18.00, Galeria Labirynt, Galeria (45 mins)



52 Portraits is an online project by choreographer Jonathan Burrows, composer Matteo Fargion and video maker Hugo Glendinning, which released a short gestural portrait of a different dancer or performer every Monday throughout 2016.

The 52 subjects were drawn from the vibrant London scene, as well as from companies passing through Sadler's Wells over the course of the year. Each portrait is a very personal dance, accompanied by Matteo singing autobiographies based on a tune of each artist’s voice. Participants are of all ages, disciplines and cultural backgrounds,including both well-known performers and makers and younger artists. 

52 Portraits builds on the success of the Olivier Award nominated The Elders Project, made by Burrows and Fargion in 2014 for Elixir Festival at Sadler's Wells. Reactions to the portraits have testified to the profound, funny and surprising power of the project, which reveals the stories, thoughts and struggles of dancers in an unprecedented way.

16 November, Saturday, 16.00, Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, Sala Kinowa (120 mins)


Detailed programme is available on the festival website.

British Council is partner of the festival.