Friday 22 June 2018 - 21:00 to Sunday 24 June 2018 - 22:00

Big Book Festival is an international festival of reading and arts, it takes place from 22nd til 24th June in Warsaw, Poland. 

The program consists of three days and 55 events, including: multimedia spectacle, stand-up,  literary walks, out-door happenings, workshops, games and performances, debates and discussions with authors form over 20 countries (Annie Proulx, Bernard Stiegler, Antonio Munoz Molina, and more). 

Since 2017 the Big Book Festival present special series The British Scene @ BBF, in 2018 year the presentation includes Karen McCarthy Woolf (IMAGINING CITIES SERIES), Dan Richards, Laline Paull, Eve Ainsworth and Ziauddin Sardar


EVE AINSWORTH – British author talks on kids taking care of grown ups and unbalanced relations.

In partnership with British Council.

SAT, 23.06, 14.00, PLAC ZABAW


DAN RICHARDS – British author talks on following into the footsteps of his ancestor and pioneer climber – Dorothy Pilley.

In partnership with British Council.

SAT, 23.06, 16.00, OGRÓD


ZIAUDDIN SARDAR – one of Europe’s top muslim thinkers speaks about the big change in modern Islam and the role women get to play in it.

In partnership with British Council.

SAT, 23.06, 18.00, ARENA


LALINE PAULL – British author talks about eco-thrillers and how the climate change sets a new scenery for the modern novel.

SUN, 24.06, 14.00, OGRÓD


KAREN McCARTHY WOOLF – British poet and performer reads form her latest book and talks on the future of poetry in an urban landscape.

IMAGINING CITIES is a new series of events bringing new ideas and fantasies about the urban future. Created in Partnership with British council it engages authors, artists and experts in using their imagination, expretise and skills to re-imagine the city space, its functions and meanings. In hope of a better future in ever growing cities we turn to creative minds and together we are writing alternative scenarios of arranging a more balanced, rewarding and sustainable urban living. Karen McCarthy Woolf’s presentation and talk will focus on urban landscape as a scenery of artistic activity and on using subtle storytelling to help imagine the city as a plastic, not solid, landscape which can be influenced by personal acts of creation and imagination.                   

SUN, 24.06, 16.00, OGRÓD

Big Book Festival is Poland‘s funniest, hippiest and most innovative festival of reading and arts.

It takes place every June, lasts throughout a weekend and brings together authors from 20 countries.

Big Book Festival 2018 motto is EXPEDITION: Forget the limits!

This year‘s festival venue is Fun Park & Climbing Arena 2, Merliniego St. Warsaw, Poland.

22nd24th June 2018

Big Book Festival is Warsaw’s first international festival of reading. With alarming data pointing to low levels of reading among Poles, the organizers believes that presenting literature at a major and innovative event will support reading in modern environment and remind that books are indispensable to fully experience life. Through it’s cosy, informal character the festival also introduces a new, open image of literature as accessible and fun. The festival received major cultural awards – form professionals as well as participants. It engages 10,000 readers and 100 authors each year.

“Kultura nie boli” Foundation is an NGO supporting reading and literature in all its forms, literature in a dynamic environment of changing cities and technology developments. The NGO founded the festiwal in 2013, since 2017 it also runs Big Book Cafe – centre for literature. It is one of Poland’s newest and most respected NGOs dealing with culture, famous for experimental and innovative ideas and appealing to the youth.