Saturday 25 May 2024 -
13:00 to 17:00

Join Artificial Kreativity at the Lodz Design Festival for the Cross Pollinator Project portfolio review workshop. Have your work seen by our multidisciplinary team from architecture, art, branding, photography, fashion, and innovation

These one-to-one online 20 minute review sessions are open to university students to early year professionals and practitioners. This can be suitable for architects and creatives that want quick professional feedback on organizing their pieces, their content, presentation formats, ideas to improve, or guidance to develop ideas. Take this opportunity to ask questions about entering a new creative market, learn about a different industry, ask about other design methodologies, or understand your own creative similarities. We believe creativity is not bound to one profession rather an ecosystem where collaborative thinking can foster new ideas. Perhaps there are personal projects you are working on—book designs, art installations, photography works, etc. This can be your chance to present it to the reviewers.

Registration is required. Tickets and information are available at:

Date: May 25

Time: 1300 to 1700 (BST)

Location: Online

Free event

Review Team 

Rafael Portillo @artificialkreativity

Maria Loreto Flores @zahahadidarchitects

Graham Modlen @graham_modlen

Hannes Hulstaert @postcarbonlab

Chris Wight @chris_wight_ceramics

Lena Pianovoska @livistudio @stgupl

Carry Somers @carrysomers @fash_rev @leagueofartisans

Giacomo Brunelli @giacomobrunelli1

Organized by Artificial Kreativity 

More information about the festival and program of events can be found here:

**the review team social media handles are for instagram