Thursday 07 July 2022 to Sunday 10 July 2022

East of Culture – Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival 

7-10 July 2022


The East of Culture – Different Sounds festival offers a chance to experience music transcending different genres, traditions and cultural influences. The festival presents sophisticated music that explores novel ideas and solutions. It is one of Poland’s most inspiring music events, allowing us to hear world-class stars and mind-blowing rising stars in the centre of Lublin. All this affects the unique identity of the festival and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Different Sounds is more than just music. The festival’s programme is rich and covers many areas. Enthusiasts of ambitious cinema can watch films from Eastern Partnership countries. There are literary events celebrating influential and significant books by Central and Eastern European writers, which are published every year as part of the Wschodni Express series. The programme also includes contemporary art (poster exhibitions, street photography, design). The youngest visitors are invited to participate in Little Different Sounds. This original educational programme accustoms children with sounds and different genres of music, showing that music is an incredibly rich cognitive field.

UK artists at the East of Culture - Different Sounds Festival:

The UK band Godflesh are considered a legend in industrial metal and post-metal along with Ministry, who visited Lublin in 2019. Ben Green and Justin Broadrick formed the band in Birmingham in the late 1980s and blew the music industry away with their debut album „Streetrcleaner”. Though this legendary album is over 30 years old, it has stood the test of time. It is still as ominous and fresh as ever. Godflesh’s powerful, uncompromising sounds, the use of the drum machine, excursions into electronic music and dub – all these elements make the band one of a kind. Avalanche Recording released the band’s most recent album „Post Self” in 2017, but Justin Broadrick has stated that a new studio album is coming in 2022. Godflesh will cover a wide variety of their music at the Lublin show.

9.07.2022 | 22.00 | Festival Tent

Squarepusher, whose real name is Tom Jenkison, is an undisputed star of the British electronic scene and an artist associated with the legendary label Warp Records. His work spans many genres, including drum’n’bass, IDM, jazz and electro-acoustic music, all of which obtain a completely distinct sound in his hands owing to extremely complicated drum programming and live instrumental playing. As one of the most forward-looking and endlessly inventive electronic artists, Squarepusher approaches music with an open mind, as seen on all of his successive albums, such as the album „Music for Robots” from 2014, composed by him but performed by three robots. In 2013, Squarepusher worked with a team of Japanese roboticists on an ambitious project called Z-Machines: the creation of robots that could play music far beyond the capabilities of even the most skilled human instrumentalists. Jenkinson aided the robotics team in the composition of music for these robots to play.  In 2018 he wrote a suite of music for the organ, which became the album “All Night Chroma” and was commissioned by BBC TV’s CBeebies channel to compose for their ‘ambient viewing for toddlers’ programme “Daydreams”, narrated by Olivia Colman. In his latest work he returns to his acid roots and he’ll lead the audiences of Different Sounds on a drum’n’bass journey.

8.07.2022 | 22.00 | Festival Tent

Beardyman is the stage name of Darren Alexander Foreman, a London-based beatboxer, singer, award-winning musician and multi-instrumentalist who is widely regarded as the leading artist in his genre. This is by no means an exaggeration, because Beardyman can conjure up truly incredible things performing solo on stage. Using his voice, extraordinary skills and voice emission techniques, the artist delivers a memorable show for the audience. Credited by the BBC as “King of Sound, Ruler of Beats”, he is a digital superstar and a groundbreaking live looping pioneer. Beardyman is also a musical comedic talent championed by the likes of Tim Minchin and Jack Black. He plays with genres such as techno, dubstep, breakbeat and drum’n’bass with great flair but also humour, and his imagination and possibilities seem limitless.

10.07.21022 | 22.00 | Festival Tent

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British Council is media patron of the festival.