Saturday 22 February 2020 to Sunday 17 May 2020

The Flying Lesson is an exhibition by Andrzej Krauze, an outstanding Polish cartoonist and illustrator who has lived and worked in London for almost forty years.

The exhibition brings together all original drawings created during the artist’s thirty years of cooperation with the British daily The Guardian. By focusing on only one of many newspapers with which the artist has collaborated, the exhibition will enable visitors not only to explore the variety of drawing forms and style transformations, but also to track the changes in the visual form of the newspaper as a medium.

Krauze’s drawings are not merely satirical cartoons (a somewhat restrictive term even within the confines of the genre) but rather universal commentaries without words, illustrations, allegories sometimes directly referring to the subject of a newspaper article, often constituting a free interpretation of entire themes. Frequently, they are autonomous works too.

British Council is media partner of the exhibition.