Herbacidal Warfare and the Gaza Frontier, Shourideh C. Molavi, 2018

Friday 15 March 2019 to Sunday 22 September 2019
Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

The Centre for Contemporary Nature, set up for U–jazdowski by the investigative collective Forensic Architecture, presents two case studies of ecocide – deliberate, premeditated acts of destruction of the natural environment, deployed as a form of contemporary warfare.

Using the recognition that nature is no longer a neutral backdrop for human activity as its starting premise, the collective has developed the idea of the Centre for Contemporary Nature as a proposed, desirable alternative to the centres of contemporary culture that have proliferated of late. For today, nature is the stage for numerous processes currently in train  that may decide the fate of many cultures. We cannot afford to confine ourselves to observation and investigation; it is imperative that we devise a way to participate in such processes.

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

Opening: 15/03/2019, 19:00
curator: Jarosław Lubiak 
curatorial collaboration: Michał Grzegorzek 
academic consultation: Prof. Monika Bakke, UAM 
architecture: Paulina Tyro-Niezgoda and Piotr Matosek 
graphic design: Monika Zawadzki 
co-ordination: Maria Sapeta, Anna Kobierska