Saturday 01 July 2023 to Sunday 09 July 2023
PPNT Gdynia, Centrum Designu

Community Couture. Clean as Baltic 
Project implemented under Gdynia Design Days 2023

In the year 2023, the fictitious laundry item 'Baltic 2050' aims to promote a positive future for the environment and the people in the Baltic region. Their slogan, 'Clean as the Baltic,' is based on the belief that humanity will take action in the next few decades to improve the quality of life in the area. The product envisions a future with clean water, diverse aquatic life, and thriving ecosystems. During the Gdynia Design Days festival, the product will be presented as a catalyst for conversation and debate on how to achieve this vision. 

Although 'Baltic 2050' is not a real product, it conveys an essential message about environmental protection. We plan to use marketing tools and product language to raise awareness about the need for a cleaner Baltic Sea and encourage discussions. Our pop-up store, located at Gdynia's market hall, won't a conventional sales venue. Rather, it will be an interactive space that blends futuristic and nostalgic 90s aesthetics with Poland's transformation era, where visitors can learn about the product while engaging in scientific discussions, sharing experiences, and debating solutions for the Baltic region's future. Join us in this venture to raise consciousness about the importance of a cleaner Baltic Sea.

Festival Program.

Project supported by British Council.