Hamlet w Teatrze STU

Teatr STU

Friday 20 May 2016 to Sunday 22 May 2016
STU theatre in Krakow

Hamlet at the Krakow STU Theatre is an amazing show.The extraordinary scope in its staging is proven by a water-filled stage, a draw bridge, dry ice fog, driving rain and laser projections. An interesting element of the show are true rats running among the actors. On one hand it’s the symbol of the „rats” in the meaning of spies following prince Hamlet, on the other it’s a reference to the Elizabethan theatre where rats were common guest among the audience. But Hamlet at the STU Theatre is above all the excellent acting, outstanding directing (by Krzysztof Jasiński), music, costumes and stage design.

The nearest shows will take place on 20, 21 and 22 May.

"hamlet" performances at the stu theatre are part of the #shakespearelives programme in Poland

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