Reclining Figure 1985 bronze (LH 192a)

Photo: Henry Moore Archive; Reproduced by permission of The Henry Moore Foundation

Saturday 21 April 2018 to Sunday 09 September 2018

The key event of the coming year in Orońsko will be the exhibition of sculptures of Henry Moore at the Sculpture Park, the Museum and Orangery Gallery.
The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the National Museum in Krakow, National Museum in Wroclaw and the Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green in Great Britain, will present several dozen works, both figurative and from the series of organic abstraction. They will be placed inside the galleries as well as in the park space.

The exhibition will be complemented by multimedia materials depicting the artist’s creative work in his English studios.
The exhibition aims to portray the figure and oeuvre of the classic of sculpture who inspired many European artists.

The project will be the most important exhibition at the Centre in 2018, launched within the framework of the 80th anniversary of the British Council in Poland.