Szekspir symfonicznie

Wojciech Wandzel

Thursday 28 April 2016 to Friday 13 May 2016

The most famous directors have taken Shakespeare to task. Over 410 films and television shows have tackled the works of the Stratford-based writer. Shakespeare in Concert at the 8th Krakow Film Music Festival paid tribute to the classic scores from film adaptations of Shakespeare.The concert programme featured a variety of pieces: from Prokovief’s famous ballet theme, through the Oscar winning soundtrack to Shakespeare in Love, to the renaissance-like style of  Jocelyn Pook’s beautiful music from The Merchant of Venice. Every Friday until 13 May on the Krakow Film Music Festival’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel released will be the videos of the pieces performed . Enjoy!

Shakespeare in concert is part of THE #shAKESPEARELIVES PROGRAMME IN POLAND. 

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