Friday 04 March 2016 to Tuesday 05 April 2016
Polski Theatre in Warsaw

The Tempest – a play considered to be a bitter comedy, is often seen as Shakespearean farewell to theatre. It was written in 1611 and up-till now is one of the most liked Shakespearean plays. During his times, it was an echo of believes in power of magic and witchcraft and fascination with supernatural. Today it is referred to as a means of thinking about the nature of politics, the power of imagination, the nature of happiness, love, treachery and forgiveness, but at the same time as a reflection on the relationship between the author, his play and its audience. 

The Tempest performances at the Polski Theatre in Warsaw are a part of #ShakespeareLives programme. 
4 March, 19.00
March, 19.00
March, 17.00
April, 19.00


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