My Class - Wroclaw

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MyClass has been refreshed and has a brand new form in our centre in Wrocław. This upgraded course continues to offer you the flexibility of MyClass, with extra benefits.

Prebooking your lessons now means you have the convenience of having a guaranteed place on your course, with a regular group of students and a regular teacher. The course has been revamped to provide better connection between the lessons with a clear learning outcome by the end of the 6-lesson module. The teacher will be able to show your progress across these 6 lessons and let you know about your achievements.

Meanwhile, you are free to opt out of a lesson if you are unable to attend, making up the missed lesson in one of our booster or other online lessons.

Here are some key characteristics of the proposed MyClass Modular Course for Wroclaw.

  • Modules connected to General or Exam English.
  • Each module contains 6 lessons of 90 mins.
  • You can book your classes on the MyClass student portal as normal.
  • Each module is connected to 1 main theme tying all 6 lessons together.  
  • Students will work on different speaking skills with a concrete outcome just like on regular MyClass lessons. 
  • You will have the same teacher through all of your credits’ who will guide you through lessons carefully and will give you a detailed plan of what skill will be improved after the module
  • If you cannot attend one of the lessons in the module you can opt-out of the lesson up to 24h before it starts and you will not lose any credits.
  • Other lessons available like booster, one-to-one, some online for some levels.

Potentially a student buying 20 credits could attend 3 x modules. In total it will be 18 lessons. They can then use x2 credits for other lessons as mentioned above.

Please find below the timetable of MyClass modular course in Wrocław

Centre Module Day Time
WRO First Exam Mon & Wed 19.00 
WRO Advanced Mon & Wed 17.20 
WRO Intermediate Tue & Thu 19.00 
WRO Advanced exam Tue & Thu 19.00 
WRO Upper intermediate Tue & Thu 19.00 

* Advanced exam is a hybrid course: on Tuesday is a face to face lesson but on Thursday is online 

Additional classes where student can use their additional credits:

Face to face classes

Centre Level Day Time
WRO Advanced booster Mon 16.30 
WRO Intermediate booster Mon  16.30 
WRO Upper Intermediate booster Wed  16.30 
WRO MyOnetoone (costs 4 credits) Tu & Wed & Thu  18:00

Free activities

Free activities - due to the holiday period, the schedule of online classes changes every week.