Definition of a Creative Entrepreneur

We define creative entrepreneurs as follows:

  • Somebody working in the creative sector who is able to demonstrate business success in the classic terms of business growth (profit, market share, employees) and/or in terms of his or her reputation (creativity, quality and aesthetic) amongst their peers.
  • Somebody working in the creative sector who has developed a successful (in terms of impact and reach) social or not for profit enterprise in this sector.
  • Somebody working in the creative sector who has shown leadership in the industry by championing its development in their country.
  • Somebody working in the creative sector who has developed initiatives (exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals etc.) that develop and grow the market for this sector in their country 

Qualities of a Creative Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial ability:

  • Risk taking: can assess, enjoy and face risks. Has the skills/initiative to successfully drive ideas forward;
  • Passion for their creative sector: creative entrepreneurs are the mediators that bring creative products to the market and require an ability to talent spot, respect, understand and manage creativity;
  • Corporate skills: business acumen, commercial awareness, managerial ability, vision and strategy;
  • Interpersonal skills: ability to sell an idea, negotiate and network.

Innovation / development of new business models:

  • Finds new, innovative ways to take creative work to audiences and communities – new models of production, distribution, value – highlighting the wider social, economic and cultural benefits in doing so;
  • Original ideas and the flexibility and self-confidence to take these to market.

Leadership ability / potential to change their sector:

  • Leadership ability: have the vision to combine their creative and entrepreneurial skills to be a leader in their national creative community.  Ability to share the lessons of their YCE experience with others;
  • Agent of change: ability to make a difference – not merely by being successful in business terms but also intervening in the domestic market to impact positively on its infrastructure.

Market awareness and understanding:

  • Market awareness: knowledge of the local market situation and their role in it;
  • Ability to spot gaps within the market and exploit these opportunities into real solutions.

International outlook and ability to network with the UK/globally:

  • International outlook: wants to develop a mutually beneficial culture of personal/professional engagement and collaboration with the UK, able to benefit from dialogue with other international participants and keen to develop future international projects.


“Poland and UK both share a passion for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. This year we are delighted to once again launch the Young Creative Entrepreneur competition to unearth the very best young Polish creative entrepreneurs in the areas of Design & Fashion and Culture.”

Andy Williams, Director British Council Poland

"Innovation is GREAT is the new theme for the UK’s GREAT campaign here in Poland. Creativity and innovation are key to long term prosperity and economic success for both Poland and the United Kingdom. The UK has Europe's biggest creative sector. But I have met many young Poles with brilliant ideas too. The Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards 2014 offers a fantastic opportunity for Poland's finest new entrepreneurial talent to share their ideas more widely and learn from others by participating in this great competition. So please do participate." 

Robin Barnett, British Ambassador to Poland