Can you explain a scientific concept to a general audience in just three minutes? This is what we asked the participants of FameLab, one of the largest science communication competitions in the world. In its 15-year history – from 2007 to 2021 –  FameLab captured the imagination and creativity of young researchers from over 40 countries around the globe and changed the general perception to science communication. It engaged over 40,000 participants and reached an audience of millions.

The competition’s 200 international partners – which included world-leading scientific organisations such as NASA and CERN – played a key role in the FameLab success story by lending their support, networks and expertise to help generate in-country interest and engagement. 

FameLab was a great chance to meet inspiring people who are doing and communicating wonderful research around the world. Learning from each other, encouraging each other and building networks that will last into the future was a brilliant experience.

In Poland the competition was organised by British Council and Centrum Nauki Kopernik.

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