New Horizons International Film Festival
Thursday 26 July 2018 - 00:00 to Sunday 05 August 2018 - 00:00

Retrospective: Nicolas Roeg

Nicolas Roeg, the most outside of outsiders in British cinema and a friend of Mick Jagger's, will be the subject of a retrospective at the 18th New Horizons International Film Festival. We will see 10 of the director's most important films, including The Man Who Fell to Earth, featuring a legendary performance by David Bowie.

As part of the New Horizons retrospective of the work of this outstanding director and cinematographer (he worked with François Truffaut and David Lean, among others), we will present 10 titles, including cult classics like Don't Look Now, Walkabout, Bad Timing and The Man Who Fell to Earth, alongside lesser-known films such as Eureka, The Witches and Insignificance. The reason for our look back at Roeg’s work is his 90th birthday and desire to restore to this iconic filmmaker his rightful place in world cinema.

British Council is partner of the retrospective.