Friday 06 October 2023 - 10:00 to Sunday 08 October 2023 - 21:00
STUDIO teatrgaleria

 The 22nd edition of Ciało/Umysł - International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts will take place this year from 6-8 October at STUDIO teatrgaleria. The programme includes two hits presented for the first time in Poland: BISONTE by Marco da Silva Ferreira from Portugal and GRACES by Silvia Gribaudi from Italy, as well as the premiere of the German-Polish duo: Martin Clausen and Rafał Dziemidok's BESTSELLER. In addition, performances by young Polish artists - Wioleta Fiuk and Patryk Gacki of Dzikistyl Company - PAN ZARAZ, Dominika Wiak's MISSPIECE and Marta Wołowiec's TENS, as well as accompanying events - panel, workshop, installation. Tickets can be purchased via the Kicket platform and at STUDIO teatrgaleria.

The slogan of the 22nd C/U is ‘Utulenia/Embracing’.

This Festival edition will ask questions about the framework of care in a broad sense. The organisers propose to open a discussion on the mental health of dance people and the new standards of dance work culture. They will also encourage leaning into the individual understanding and experience of caring, meditation and healing.

British Council supports C/U in organising the panel ‘Well-being. Well-art. Well-dance’ and workshops ‘How to dance, a workshop on a better work culture in dance’ by Kasia Wolińska, as well as the essay/performance of Jagoda Ignaczak ‘Transgression of Bodies and Minds’.


7.10.2023, 12:00-14:00 + 15:00-17:00

Studio teatrgaleria, Modelatornia

’Well-being. Well-art. Well-dance’ – International panel discussion in English

Free participation

The artist, often perceived as a figure of stark contrasts, stirs extreme emotions both as an individual and a creator. In contrast, we know less about dance artists; their presence tends to be more subtle. However, they too are not exempt from stereotypes that depict a “true” artist as eccentric, tormented, impassioned, overflowing with profound feelings and melancholy. It's these traits that garner social recognition and are interpreted as signs of grand genius. While the well-being of spectators has a place in artistic and social discourse, the existence and, critically, the nurturing of a dance artist's well-being – their work conditions and culture – has largely remained unspoken. In an era marked by exposing repressive situations, we start a conversation centered around the mental health of those who create dance. When does the act of creation transition from being a source of joy and blessing to becoming a curse and source of suffering?

Participants : Emilia Cholewicka (moderator; PL), Małgorzata Dierżon (moderator; UK/PL), Amy Draper (UK), Rafał Dziemidok (PL/DE), Jagoda Ignaczak (PL), Erin Sanchez (UK), Marta Wołowiec (PL), Paulina Wycichowska (PL), Simo Vassinen (FI/DE) 

Curators: Emilia Cholewicka, Edyta Kozak, Aleksandra Rembowska 

Co-financed by the British Council

Partner: Warszawskie Obserwatorium Kultury


6.10.2023, 10:00-14.30

Studio teatrgaleria, Modelatornia

Kasia Wolińska (PL/D)

‘How to dance?’ –  a workshop on a better work culture in dance in Polish

Free participation 

Prior registration required

The starting point for the workshop will be the work of the Berlin Working Group initiated by Kasia Wolińska and Mateusz Szymanówka. The workshop will be centered around the relationship between the individual and their work, as well as the experiences that arise from this dynamic. Kasia Wolińska will initiate an exchange of experiences, foster collective work, and stimulate a critical dialogue around the elements that form work culture and those that, according to the participants, need improvement, change, and clearer articulation.  The workshop is open to women involved in the dance scene: dancers, choreographers, playwrights, producers, organizers, educators, and others interested in critically examining work culture, advocating for improved working conditions, and changing the perspective of the dance environment. 

Co-financed by the British Council

6.10.2023, 15:00-17:00

Studio teatrgaleria, Modelatornia
Amy Draper (UK)
‘Menstrual Cycle Awareness in the Creative Process’
- Workshop in English
Free participation
Prior registration required

What advantages could integrating an awareness of the menstrual cycle into the creative process offer participants and their environment? In this workshop, Amy Draper will confront the anxieties and taboos that often overshadow discussions about the menstrual cycle in the workplace. She will explore the concept of Inner Seasons (an outline of different monthly energies), thereby equipping participants with tools to stimulate dialogue, boost their confidence, and foster a curiosity about the subject The creative process can evolve into a practice of well-being, expand awareness, instill a sense of security, as well as enhance productivity, and focus, and promote a deeper mindfulness of oneself and others in the work setting The workshop is open to everyone working in a creative role, whether as as a team leader or an individual artist. It welcomes participants of all ages and genders, both menstruators and non-menstruators.

6-8.10.2023, 10:00-22:00

Studio teatrgaleria, Foyer
Rubiane Maia (BR/UK)
‘Let’s talk about Care’ | 200 Questions
– Sound installation – available in Polish, English and Portuguese

Free admission

Brazilian artist Rubiane Maia prompts us to reflect on the notion of care. What do we envision when we talk about care? Despite the multitude of images that flood our imaginations, and a myriad of situations from our personal experiences that span from birth to death, this notion remains vast and ambivalent on both an individual and collective scale. Post-pandemic, discussing care is challenging without considering the impact of the contemporary lifestyle on society's mental health, its current state, and the healing process. Similar to any question, its primary function is to elicit a verbal response, thought, movement, or echo. Consequently, it isn't solely about searching for and discovering answers, but also about enhancing the capability to pose an increasing number of questions. "200 Questions about Care" originated as a text, later morphing into a workshop, and is now set to become a sound installation. ‘200 Questions’ lives, transforms, invites interaction, and propels movement. The list of questions keeps getting longer.

Let’s talk about Care | 200 Questions
Sound Installation
Concept and Text: Rubiane Maia
Original Voice (en./pt.): Rubiane Maia
Polish Voice-over: Paulina Szczęsna
Audio Recording (en.): Manuel Vason
Translation into Polish: Emilia Cholewicka
Credits: Project initially funded and supported by Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, former Co-director of the Live Art Development Agency (LADA), UK


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