Tuesday 01 October 2019 -
18:00 to 21:00
Business Link Astoria, Warsaw

Join us for the anniversary edition of Creative Mikser!

Creative Mikser is a series of networking meetings addressed to Warsaw’s creative community, organised by the British Council and the City of Warsaw, this time in cooperation with Radicalzz Studio, Element Talks, ShareSpace, Business Link and Digital Days (Festiwal Cyfryzacji).

The 20th edition of Creative Mikser will focus on the topic of designing cities according to trends and directions set out by sustainable development goals.

As big cities have become centres of innovation, many of them are experiencing the problem of decaying infrastructure, environmental pollution and growing social inequality. Globally governments are trying to implement changes at a swift pace, while corporations have an ambition to play and ever important part in the life of citizens.

According to UN estimations, two thirds of world population will live in cities by 2050. Meanwhile, cities need to develop a suitable infrastructure. It is a fact that governments do not have enough resources to efficiently tackle challenges of today. Will we therefore see corporations more and more assume the role of “city makers”? If so, will a metropolis of tomorrow become a branded utopia or commercial dystopia? How will these processes be impacted by trends such as shared economy or hyper-personalization?

Panel discussion guests:

Rory Hyde, Victoria and Albert Museum (London)

Joanna Skorupska, Radicalzz Studio

Robert Chmielewski, Share Space

Artur Celiński, Magazyn Miasta

The meeting will be hosted by Ewa Ayton (Head of Arts and Culture, British Council) and Michał Olszewski (Deputy Mayor of Warsaw).

The languages of the meeting are Polish and English. Translation into English and Polish Sign Language will be provided.

Participation in the event is free of charge on earlier registration at: