Wednesday 25 October 2017

Ainsworth’s books are fascinating novels which address and help to solve problems of modern teenagers. Seven Days talks about school abuse, while Crush focuses on toxic relations among teens. The newest novel Damage. Everybody hurts is a moving picture of problems such as self-mutilation and lack of self-acceptance not only among young people. The protagonist, Gabi, is a popular girl at school. She has many friends and she is incredibly talented at skateboarding. Unfortunately, she is also hiding a painful secret.

Ainsworth books have been taken under patronage by Empowering Children Foundation. Lucyna Kicinska from ECF: “7 days, Crush and Damage. Everybody hurts are books with a message. They are surprising and wise, suitable for teenagers, their parents and teachers. They show the meaning of empathy – in friendship, family and at school. Eve Ainsworth helps readers understand how hard it is for teenagers to turn to adults for help. Adults, on the other hand, can have troubles hearing that call. Without being brazen and moralizing, the author puts a strong emphasis on the fact that getting help and opening up is the only way of dealing with problems. It is incredibly uplifting that, even though it may seem otherwise, the story of the characters ends well.”

Eve Ainsworth, thanks to her everyday work with young people, can very attentively write about problems of modern teenagers. The author aims to show their world the way it truly is.

British Council is an official patron of the publication.