Friday 09 August 2019 to Sunday 13 October 2019

British Council in partnership with the Theatre Institute and the Institute of Music and Dance is organising three stationary laboratories of modern dance, dedicated for artists with disabilities and without them. Laboratories are part of international cooperation within the project “Europe Beyond Access” realized with the support of Creative Europe programme, financed by European Union.

Each laboratory is three days' workshop, enabling artist to deepen their motion practice and ability to work with a partner. It will be the opportunity to explore and build their own motion dictionary. 

Participants will be provided with free accommodation and meals.

Selected artist received an invitation to participate in the laboratory in Netherlands organized in cooperation with the Holland Dance Festival.

23-25 September 2019 – Lab #2 

Trainer: Marc Brew (in English)

Place: ROZBARK theatre, Bytom

As part of Europe Beyond Access, internationally acclaimed choreographer and performer Marc Brew leads a three-day creative laboratory for disabled and non-disabled artists. This will be the second in a series of mini laboratories that British Council and the Institute for Music and Dance present for artists to collaborate, develop their skills and create new work. The workshop is organised within the framework of the Open the Door Festival.

Three Polish artists will be selected from this project to take part in a two-residency during Europe Beyond Access partner Holland Dance Festival’s DanceAble.

Europe Beyond Access is an international partnership between seven core partners: British Council (operating for this project in the UK and Poland), Onassis Cultural Centre (Greece); Holland Dance Festival (The Netherlands), Kampnagel (Germany); Per.Art (Serbia), Skånes Dansteater (Sweden), Oriente Occidente (Italy). It is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission. Europe Beyond Access is revolutionising Europe’s performing arts scene through the creative innovations of disabled artists.

Marc Brew ‘For Now, I Am’

Saturday 28 September at Teatr Śląski

Following Europe Beyond Access workshops in Bytom, Brew will perform his visually stunning solo For Now, I Am at Teatr Śląski as part of Open The Door festival. The piece asks what it means to be broken, re-born and to reconcile being in the world in a body transformed. It explores Brew’s history as an elite ballet dancer and for the first time since his car accident in 1997, his body as it is now.

‘The distinct movement vocabulary of Marc Brew is hypnotising… it was like magic happening before my eyes.’ EmilyPeckham, The Public Reviews

‘Honest, unsentimental and expressive beyond words’,Mary Brennan, The Herald

Organised by Teatr Śląski and co-funded by the British Council. 


11-13 October 2019 – Lab #3

Trainer: Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska (in Polish)

Place: ROZBARK Theatre, Bytom

Summary of the previous laboratory sessions. Participants' report on the Maastricht laboratory experiences.

There is an option of applying only to selected laboratories. But we encourage you to apply to all 3 laboratories altogether.

What are the fees associated with participation on laboratories?

Participation in laboratories in Poland is free of charge. The organizers cover the costs of the workshop sessions, accommodation and meals. Participants cover only the travel costs  to the place of event. 

Participation in foreign laboratories in Maastricht and the Hague is free of charge – the organizers cover the costs of workshop sessions, accommodation, meals and the travel. 

Who did we invite to participate in the laboratories?

Artists creating in the area of dance (dancers, dance creators, choreographers with and without disabilities).

The laboratory is open for any persons with and without disabilities, interested in discovering new forms of movement and relations with their own bodies and with the others.

Minimum age: 18

Maximum number of persons in the group: 15

Disability can't be an obstacle for participation, we provide the accessibility of the place of the laboratory and the time schedule adapted for participants' needs. If needed, there will be additional help in the area of communication, including translation into sign language.

End of application period: 8th of July 2019 

We received 105 applications.

Full list of participants you can find here.


Participant of the laboratory of modern dance “Theater and Disability: Crossing the borders” commit to provide their own insurance. The institute does not insure participants and does not bear the responsibility for unfortunate accidents and injuries which will occur without trainer’s responsibility. 

Organizers: Institute of Music and Dance, British Council

The workshops are part of international cooperation within the project “Europe Beyond Access” organized with the support of Creative Europe programme, financed by the European Union.

Partners: The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute. ROZBARK Theater, The Stanisław Wyspiański Teatr Śląski in Katowice, Open The Doors Festival