Saturday 12 November 2022 - 20:00

Digital Redux – is a series of performative events carried out collaboratively by the WRO Art Center and Watermans Arts Centre with the support of the British Council. The formula of the events assumes the presence of the audience, full symmetry and synchronization of shows in two locations. We wish to jointly develop a platform for presenting media artists and testing new forms of communication. Each time, we host the shows, addressing them directly to local and networked audiences. In addition to live events, we want to emphasize the role of documentation that forms the content of the Active Art Archive made available on our channels (f.ex. Vimeo). We test new forms of artistic mobility and explore the potential of remote collaboration. We experiment, learn and draw conclusions in the perspective of necessary change. Digital Redux is a new ecology of communication with the viewer.

Digital Redux #2

November 12, 2022, 7:00 PM (8:00 PM in Wroclaw)

The 2nd in a series of synchronized live performances in Wroclaw and London and streamed online 


Watermans Arts Centre: Chris Speed Visuals (CSV)Mutable VR 

WRO Art Center: Piotr Peszat - Let us now hold hands performed by Ensemble Kompopolex (Aleksandra Gołaj, Rafał Łuc, Jacek Sotomski)

Chris Speed Visuals (CSV) – Mutable VR 

Mutable VR is an immersive installation and live performance in which 360 spatial audio is controlled within virtual reality. Conceptually inspired by wave–particle duality in quantum mechanics and posthuman phenomenology, this project explores an embodied experience of microsound. This piece is a culmination of my recent body of work exploring themes of duality, embodiment and abstraction, the title itself is taken from the programming term “Mutable” (a changeable object). The artwork combines the latest VR technology with custom software to connect real time particle simulations to music and redefine how we perceive our bodies within virtual worlds.

Piotr Peszat – Let us now hold hands

The ability to perceive sound originates in the inner ear, where the basilar membrane is located. Air vibrations set the membrane in motion, which are transformed into tones. However, there is another way for sound signals to reach our brains through the tactile sensation of vibrations. Based on this knowledge, a composition was created that allows Deaf people to be included in musical activities. The essence of the change is the creation of a democratic, open musical space, which includes Deaf, hard of hearing and people without hearing disabilities to participate together in sound activities. The composition used, among others, audio resonators (Monacor AR30, AR50 and BR50), which allow the viewer to feel vibrations in a very clear way when putting his hand on the lid of wooden boxes, woofers (subwoofers) and a Playtronic system, thanks to which touching certain objects triggers sound samples. Let Us Now Hold Hands is an invitation to discover the world of sounds together. Those which we usually consider as music and those which are seemingly not music but can become it if only we direct them and feel them properly. The piece can function as an installation or a concert version of an installation (with the participation of instrumentalists and performers).

Piotr Peszat – composition, video

Ensemble Kompopolex - performers

Katarzyna Feiglewicz-Peszat - stage-design