Friday 16 September 2022 - 20:00

3 concerts of media artists taking place simultaneously in Wroclaw and Brentford/London, presented as live set and transmitted between partners. That is Digital Redux – a series of performative events carried out collaboratively by the WRO Art Center and Watermans Arts Centre with the support of the British Council. The formula of the events assumes the presence of the audience, full symmetry and synchronization of shows in two locations. We wish to jointly develop a platform for presenting media artists and testing new forms of communication. Each time, we host the shows, addressing them directly to local and networked audiences. In addition to live events, we want to emphasize the role of documentation that forms the content of the Active Art Archive made available on our channels (f.ex. Vimeo). We test new forms of artistic mobility and explore the potential of remote collaboration. We experiment, learn and draw conclusions in the perspective of necessary change. Digital Redux is a new ecology of communication with the viewer.

Digital Redux #1

September 16, 2022, 7:00 PM (8:00 PM in Wroclaw)

The first in a series of synchronized live performances in Wroclaw and London and streamed online 


WRO Art Center: Mikro Orchestra (Paweł Janicki, Mariusz Jura, Jarosław Kujda, Małgorzata Kujda, Tomasz Procków) – PermaNoise, premiere

Watermans Arts Centre: Blanca Regina + Pierre Bouvier Patron – Abstract Encounters, premiere

Mikro Orchestra, PermaNoise

We are not musicians, but operators. Four ‘sound operators’ during the concert will play or create live, on archaic game consoles, minimalist musical forms. The event will take the form of a jam session – the musical forms will be mixed live by the main “mixer operator”. The whole will be accompanied by original visualization, generated and operated live on consoles and projectors by the ‘image operator’. Mikro Orchestra Project this time not only live, but also in a participatory transmission version. Apart from Mikro Orchestra’s typical solid dose of musical rave-noise-cheaptune-psychodelia and radical lo-tech visuals, the audience will be able to join in the performance thanks to a music app specially prepared by the band and available online – and on both sides of the redux wormhole.

“Imagine combining Donkey Kong with Fatboy Slim… or Tetris with Kraftwerk.”

– BBC News

Blanca Regina + Pierre Bouvier Patron, Abstract Encounters

A new audiovisual performance by Blanca Regina and Pierre Bouvier Patron that explores symbolic gestures, affinity with nature and questions about presence, space and its representation in the digital age. This playful performance is created in real-time with an open score where listening and reaction conjure the art of the moment. Their work pushes the boundaries of traditional audiovisual language, combining multiple media by using analogue and digital techniques, presenting an immersive and dream-like experience for the audience with abstract imagery, films, animation, field recordings, vocal extravaganza and music created with objects.

“The world they create is playfully unreal and mysteriously enchanting”

– Phil England (The Wire, Nov 2020)