Saturday 05 March 2022 -
09:00 to 13:00

Two leaders in the English language teaching: British Council and Cambridge University Press, joined their efforts to offer access to knowledge and materials which can help in both matura and IELTS test preparation. Thanks to the participation in this conference, you will certainly gain new insight on how to more effectively prepare your lessons and tests, and find new knowledge on how to teach English in secondary schools in accordance with the newest regulations.

We invite all secondary school teachers - both high school and vocational school teachers, lectors at private language schools, higher education lecturers and independent English language teachers to take part in the event.

What will we discuss during the event?

  • How to prepare your students for new Matura 2023 and for the IELTS test
  • Where to find free online materials which you can use during classes
  • How to develop and improve Writing and Speaking skills in the classroom

Conference programme

Time Title of the presentation Presenters
09:00-09:50 From IELTS to matura Barbara Szybowska oraz Piotr Pluskota
10:00-10:50 Functional. Not Functional: Rethinking IELTS writing Greg Archer
11:00-11:50 Teaching IELTS Speaking in the classroom setting Louisa Dunne
12:00-12:50 Towards matura 2023. Digital materials - how can they make matura preparation easier? Adam Stępiński

All registered participants will be able to access the recordings for 7 days after the event.

The participants who will take part in the live event will also receive a certificate.  


Piotr Pluskota

Piotr Pluskota

Piotr Pluskota is a graduate of the University of Warsaw and an English teacher with 15 years of experience in teaching various age groups, levels and types of courses. Piotr cooperates with Cambridge Assessment English, is a supervisor at Cambridge Qualifications written exams and a trainer who regularly cooperates with the British Council giving presentations and trainings.

Barbara Szybowska

Barbara Szybowska

Barbara Szybowska – a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow; an experienced teacher and teacher trainer. She teaches nearly all age groups, levels and course types as she loves new challenges and is always eager to share her experience. Her professional focus is on motivating learners, especially the young ones and raising their interest in the language. Moreover, she specialises in preparing students for Cambridge English exams. Her lifelong passions are climbing and travelling.


Greg Archer

Experienced teacher with DELTA certificate, teacher trainer and author. IELTS examiner for both Writing and Speaking part. Since 2013 he has spent many years working at the University of Cambridge, where he also presided over English Language Faculty. He created suitable courses for A Levels and led classes on IELTS and EAP for students. He is an author of many publications on IELTS and Cambridge English Qualifications, including Mindset for IELTS course. 

Louisa Dunne

EFL teacher and Global IELTS teacher trainer, working as an examinations academic support manager at the British Council Paris. Her job involves providing support to teachers working in higher education, and secondary and adult teachers. Louisa has many years’ experience of teaching English to different age groups. She has taught in Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and the Far East and has created training programmes for IELTS test takers, teachers, and IELTS teacher trainers worldwide.

Adam Stępiński

High school teacher, OKE matura examiner, teacher trainer at the Private Teachers' Development Centre and the leader of the Teachers' Educational Centre. The expert at the European SchoolNet and the ambassador of eTwinning programme. The author of articles for various foundations and eTwinning programme. The Teacher of the Year in 2017, laureate of the 2nd edition of the TOP2 Competion - Men in Education 2017, the winner of the British Council competition in the 'Autonomy of a student' category.

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