Translator's Day
Translator's Day
Monday 30 September 2013 -
19:00 to 23:59
Goethe Institut, Kraków

On September 30 we will be celebrating the International Translation Day – set up to promote translators and their work towards promoting literature and culture worldwide. In Cracow on this occasion we co-organize (together with Cracow’s language institutes and the Unesco University Chair for Translations and Intercultural Communication, UJ) a grand meeting and discussion with well-known professional translators of European languages: Magda Heydel, Abel Murcia Soriano,Tomasz Pindel, Laurance Dyévre and Jakub Ekier. The event will take place on the premises of Goethe Institut in Cracow and will start at 19:00. Many other attractions are planned throughout October – presentations, exhibitions, lectures and open competitions for everyone interested in languages and cultures.

Accompanying Events:

„Bridge constructors” exhibition

30.09.-25.10.2013 in Goethe Institut in Cracow

The exhibition presents 12 winners of the Karl Dedecius prize and its patron. The prize has been awarded to Polish-German translators since 2003. There have been so far 3 prize winners from Krakow: translators Krzysztof Jachimczak, Ryszard Wojnakowski and Tadeusz Zatorski.

Meeting with Anna and Miłosz Urban, the translators of the Nelle Neuhaus best-selling criminal stories 

10.10.2013, start: 19:00 in Goethe Institut in Cracow

So far 3 Nelle Neuhaus best-selling criminal stories were published. Investigating officers from Frankfurt Oliver von Bodenstein i Pia Kirchhoff are the leading characters in the stories. The meeting with Polish translators of the bestsellers will be focused on interesting dilemmas and traps that each criminal stories’ translators has to face. The meeting will be co-organised by the Media Publishing House.