Saturday 05 October 2019 to Sunday 15 March 2020

In 2019, International Triennial of Tapestry, the oldest and the most important presentation of phenomena connected with the textile art, will take place for the 16th time.

The Museum will enrich its formula, creating a possibility of imparting a well-thought-out and consistent character to the whole event. For the first time in the history of the Łódź Triennial, it will be provided with curatorial care. This task was undertaken by Marta Kowalewska, who has already prepared a number of important displays focused on textile art, and has been studying the history and contexts of textile art for years.

For the first time, the whole presentation will centre around a key theme – “Breaching borders”, which comprises many problems of the contemporary world that redefine the identity of our civilization, ethnic and social groups, or each of us individually. 

It is a tradition of the Triennial that beside the main display there is the National Exhibition of the Polish Tapestry and the National Exhibition of the Polish Miniature Textiles, which will also change their form and will be organised under curatorial care: Janis Jefferies and Anna Śliwa.