Learning Time with Timmy
Wednesday 01 August 2018 to Friday 31 August 2018

Learn English with Timmy! From 1 August on POLSAT JimJam.

The "Learning Time with Timmy" series was created by the British Council in cooperation with the animated film production company - Aardman Animations to encourage the youngest viewers to learn English.

Each episode is based on original lesson plans used in British Council schools around the world. Parents can, together with their children, enjoy the time of learning through play, knowing that they use the best educational materials. Timmy, well known to all children, is a resolute and energetic kindergartener who learns something new every day. The adventures of the lamb and other animals are non-violent and show the youngest how important it is to work in a group, help each other and have friends. In the new series, children can still follow the adventures of their favourite hero, while learning English words and phrases, such as rainbow colours and animal names. Animated characters encourage children to play, improve their ability to concentrate and engage in tasks supporting the learning of universal abilities necessary for the development of children aged 2-6.

All episodes have the same structure that organizes and consolidates the newly learned vocabulary. The program is dedicated to children from two to six years old.

For joint learning with Timmy we invite you to watch the series from 1 August every day at 10:16 and 14:16 only on POLSAT JimJam.

The latest episodes and songs can also be found on our YouTube channel "Learning Time with Timmy" 

Learning Time with Timmy 2  application is available in Apple store and Google Play.