Friday 15 April 2022 to Sunday 15 May 2022

It seems that today, more than ever before, the word “beginning” gains meaning and resonance. It stands for hope and regeneration and when said aloud becomes a starting point for us to once again create new world and normality. “Beginning” is a motto of this year’s edition of the “Poems in the City” project, which features poems from 19 European countries, including Ukraine. The project, co-organised by EUNIC Warsaw and the City of Warsaw, is an invitation to everyone to spend a moment with contemporary poetry. All activities will start on 15 April and last for a month.

The artistic voice of 19 European poets will cross both physical and virtual boarders to reach audiences all around Poland. Poetry will be widely heard on air and across online channels, including popular social media sites. In Warsaw the poems will be available to read on the public transport and in the Świętokrzyska underground station. All poems in the original language version and translation into Polish are available on the project website:

UK will be represented by Grace Nichols with her poem entitled “Spring”.

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