Thursday 13 September 2018 to Sunday 16 September 2018

Przemiany Festival

Future cannot be predicted but it can be shaped. The participants of the Przemiany Festival organised by the Copernicus Science Center will have a chance to get convinced that we all have the power to create the future.

We are interested in the creative power of humans that may change the world. We are limited only by our imagination. In order to develop it, we need to go beyond the borders of specializations. For this reason, the festival combines science, art, design and new technologies. The programme of the event, which includes exhibitions, discussion panels, workshops, concert and performance, makes it possible for the participants to confront different ideas and points of view, encouraging them to critically reflect on the directions of civilizations development. Heroes of the Przemiany Festival are active in various fields of life. Their projects show their passion and willingness to change the existing reality. Because if you want to create, you need to know the reason why.

The Civilization of algorithms

It’s not just people who shape the future. We increasingly pass that power on to independent machines and inteligent codes. Our civilisation has created algorithms. What civilisation will they create?

Will the subsequent applications of artificial intelligence deprive us of agency? Do we trust artificial neural networks and software that analyse the enormous amounts of data, enough, so that we could give to them the power over our lives without fear? What precautions should be taken to ensure that the mechanisms introducing the automation of more and more of aspects of our lives would consider various viewpoints instead of simple regularities and selective information? How will the ever increasing use of artificial intelligence affect the society?

During the eight edition of the Przemiany Festival we will find out how algorithms change our civilisation.