Szekspir 400
Saturday 23 April 2016
Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and the streets in the City Centre: Długa and Długi Targ, Gdansk

Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre invites to the special event, which will include film screenings at the theatre building and a happening taking place at the city centre of Gdańsk: Długa and Długi Targ streets.

The film screenings are the result of a co-operation between Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and Shakespeare's Globe theatre in London which resulted in ‘The Complete Walk’ project. The title of the project refers to Shakespeare’s complete works (‘The Complete Works’). 37 specially-made short films – referring to 37 Shakespeare plays – were shot in the places hovering in Shakespeare's imagination when he wrote his plays. Imagine Cleopatra on the site of the Egyptian pyramids, Hamlet at the Elsynor Castle, Rome and Juliette in Verona. All roles are performed by outstanding British actresses and actors. The screenings will take place simultaneously in London and in Gdansk: at The Globe and at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.

The second part of the celebrations will take place at the public open space: in the city centre of Gdańsk, with 400 weepers, which will be part of the funeral procession arriving at the end at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.

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