Thursday 01 September 2016 to Sunday 04 September 2016
Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw

British Council supports artists from the UK realising a project called ‘Temptation of Immortality’ as part of the Przemiany Festival at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. Michael Burton, Michiko Nitta and Agi Hainess will present a project devoted to shaping the future.

The participants of the Przemiany Festival organised by the Copernicus Science Centre will have a chance to get convinced that we all have the power to create the future.

The artists are interested in the creative power of humans that may change the world. The project is part of the Przemiany Festival. which combines science, art, design and new technologies. The programme of the Festival, includes not only exhibitions, but also discussion panels, workshops, concert, theatre play, makes it possible for the partici¬pants to confront different ideas and points of view, encouraging them to critically reflect on the directions of the development.

The protagonists of the Przemiany Festival are active in various fields of life. Their projects show their passion and willingness to change the existing reality. Because if you want to create, you need to know the reason for this.